Child sponsorship with the CCCD is such a rewarding experience. It is not often that you are able to touch a life in such a tangible way. Sponsoring a child through CCCD will provide education, lodging, and meals for a child in need. Your monthly gift will allow you to invest in their physical well being, and most importantly, their spiritual well being. Each child receives instruction in Bible and will be taught about God's plan of salvation. Our goal is to secure 10 sponsors per student to help us cover our annual operating expenses (education, room/board, meals, clothing, misc) for your sponsor child.

A one year sponsorship is $420.00. You can break the payment down the following ways:

  • 1 Annual gift- $420.00
  • 12 Monthly gifts- $35.00 each

If you pay online using the link below, you may choose to pay manually each month. You may also mail a check each month to our Toronto Office. To select a sponsor child simple contact our office or set up a reoccurring automatic payment through Paypal. Once logged you will be able to put the student name in the "add special instructions for the seller:" section.

Sign up for child sponsorship through Paypal

Shantiva Deair.jpeg

Shantiva Deair

Birthday: December 16, 2009

Personality: Sometimes shy, Shantiva is loving and friendly.

Interests: Shantiva likes playing with playdoh and building blocks.

Abilities: Colors very well and reads picture cards.

Campus: Kingston



Nathaniel Ross

February 8, 2011

Personality: Loving, friendly, helpful and very pleasant.

Interests: Loves playing with playdoh and looking at picture cards. Nathaniel also loves playing with building blocks and reading.

Abilities: Nathaniel draws very well and enjoys writing.

Campus: Kingston



Oneilia Myrie.jpeg

Oneilia Myrie

Birthday: February 18, 2009

Personality: Oneilia is very quiet and pleasant.  She loves to smile.

Interests: She loves to color and enjoys activity books.

Abilities: She is skilled in math.




Akeel Williams.jpeg

Akeel Williams

September 6, 2009

Personality: Akeel has a jovial and very friendly personality. Being around him will most likely guarantee a good laugh, as he is in his own way a comedian.

Interests: You can always find Ackeel playing with friends as this is one of his most favorite thing to do. He also loves to color.

Abilities: He is currently learning sign language and has not fully mastered the language.

Campus: Montego Bay

Kayanna Tyndale.jpeg

Kayanna Tyndale

February 25, 2005

Personality: Kayanna lives with both parents. She is very friendly and also very bright.

Interests: She loves to color and draw pictures.

Abilities: She can count 1-10. She is able to use play dough to make animals and other things. She is very eager to learn.

Campus: Knockpatrick